September 14, 2016

Window Tint

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Customize Your Car Or Home With One Simple Tint!

Window tinting comes in four general types, each of which has good points and bad points. Here comes a quick guide to each type:

Types of Window Tint

1 The Metalized Window Film Choice

This type starts with anWindow Tint by adhesive layer, then is topped off with another few layers, one of which blocks UV radiation and the final one provides protection from scrapes or scratches.

2 The Dyed Window Film Choice

This type has two layers, one adhesive layer and one polyester layer. A layer of dye is placed between the two layers. One advantage to this choice is that it tends to be the most cost effective.

3 The Hybrid Tinting Film Choice

This choice tends to merge the advantages of the above two mentioned types; metalized film and dyed film. In total there are four layers as follows:

– One adhesive layer
– One dyed layer
– One metalized layer
– One protective layer.

This option is not as expensive as the metalized layer and won’t cause havoc with mobile phones or radios.

4 The Ceramic Film Choice

ThisInstalling Window Tint the right way! - choice is probably the most recently developed out of all four film types. It consists of one adhesive layer and one thin ceramic layer, finished off with a final top coat for protection. It is especially effective for heat blocking. In addition it poses no problem for radio signals and the use of mobile phones. However the down side to ceramic film is that it can be rather expensive, in fact out of the four window tint choices, this one comes in as the most costly.

Certainly the possibility to have the windows of your car or house tinted can be a very worthwhile decision. The work doesn’t take overly longEcobuilt Window Tint - to complete, yet the result is very eye-catching.

Before you go ahead and make a window tint booking, make sure that you are completely familiar with the four different type of window tint. Above we have provided you with only a brief guide to each type. Be sure to do your homework first and research the advantages and disadvantages of the four different options for window tinting. After that, you’ll see how easy it is to customize your car with one simple tint!

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