September 14, 2016

Window Shade Screens

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Window Shade Screens Provide Protection

A window shade screen provides a homeowner with insect protection and shading against harmful UV rays. A quality window shade screen can block up to 90% of the sun’s glare and heat. They will alsoImportance of proper Shade Screens - save you a ton of money both in lowering the cost of your energy bills while at the same time protecting your furnishings, drapes, and carpets against the sun’s damage.

Some people hire a professional installer to replace old worn-out screens with the newer more efficient window screens while others who have a handyman background do it on their own. Many of your better hardware stores will have additional information to help you decide whether you want to do it on your own or have someone else to it.

A quality window screen will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Many users claim that a solar window screen is more effective than window film. The only drawback that some have noted is that they are a bit more difficult to install than window tinting. However as mentioned above, it can be done by any homeowner who has an aptitude for handling various tools.

Cost Savings Over Window Tint

Homeowners who have windowInstalling Shade Screens the right way! - screens also point out that the window screens will make the interior of the room darker. If your window receives a lot of light however it should not be a major concern. Quality window screens will allow you to see outside but it will prevent others from seeing into your home. A recent comparison of costs to do a window screen as opposed to a window tint shows that you could save up to 70% by choosing a window screen.

There are many homes in hot climates such as Arizona and Florida that are taking advantage of the coolness that these window screens provide. By having window screens throughout your home you will also be saving money by not having to use your air-conditioning unit as often.

Whether you decide to purchase the screen material and installEcobuilt Shade Screens - it yourself or whether you decide to have it professionally installed it is important to research the many advantages that window screens provide over window tinting. A window screen will add privacy and beauty to your home while at the same time saving you money on future energy costs.

Most homeowners take pride in the appearance of their home. If you are a homeowner like this then you should consider putting window screens on any appropriate window in your home.

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