September 15, 2016

Window Replacement

Energy Efficient Windows Save Money

There are many things that you can do to improve your home in Columbia. Most homeowners understand the importance of keeping up to date when it comes to roofing materials, heating systems, and windows.Importance of proper Window Replacement in Columbia - Often when you do a renovation to your home it will save you money in the long run especially on your energy costs. One area where this is especially true is window replacement.

Older Homes and Window Issues

Many of the older homes were built using single pane windows or double pane windows that were not sealed properly. Many homeowners can tell you that it is painful to watch the heat escaping from the inside of the home to the outside during the winter. With the high cost of energy it therefore makes sense to spend the money and replace those old, inefficient windows with new, high energy performance windows.

Older homes that have existing windows from when the house was constructed are cold, noisy, ugly, and they often leak. Older windows, as mentioned previously, offer very little insulating value and as the window continues to age the seals and gaskets breakdown which leads to increased heat loss and airflow.

Benefits of Newer Windows

1. Newer windows on the other hand are energy efficient and will reduce cold drafts which willInstalling Window Replacement in Columbia South Carolina the right way! - make the window warmer during the winter months. A newer window will also control condensation. Since the window will stay warmer because of its energy efficiency it means that you can keep your home at a higher relative humidity without being concerned about condensation building up on the inside of the window.

2. Older windows are also often quite ugly looking. The newer class of windows are very appealing and will add beauty to your home. Of course aesthetics is one thing but the most important reason for replacing older, inefficient windows with a newer energy-efficient windows is money. Windows that are manufactured today minimize air leakage and improve the thermal performance and therefore they have a very high energy rating.

3. Older windows often have small leaks that can result in additional damage such as mold. These type of serious problems can lead to additional repairEcobuilt Window Replacement in Columbia South Carolina - bills. A newer window will prevent mold growth and provide a healthier living environment inside of the home. Obviously, anyone who has a home with older, energy inefficient windows should consider immediately replacing them.

The key is to find a reputable window company in your area that will provide you with energy-efficient windows at an affordable price. There will be a cost upfront but in the long run you will save a tremendous amount of money.

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